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If you are getting married soon, you are perhaps planning some parties like a bridal shower or a bachelorette, a rehearsal dinner and some others depending on what you like. If you’ve chosen a bridal shower, it’s high time to have a look at the cutest winter bridal shower ideas to try, and here we go!

Table Decor

Decorating the table decor is important to create a proper ambience. Decorating your tablescape add some cool winter or winter holiday touches: sparkles, sequins, ornaments, candles, evergreen runners, berries and pinecones. Use an airy table runner or go for a bold faux fur one, mark each place setting with ornaments or candy canes. A blush sequin tablecloth is great to add a girlish feel and make your tablescape chic. Florals are optional, you can limit the tablescape to evergreens and pinecones.

an ultimate tablescape with a fresh greenery runner, silver trees, chocolate donuts to make each place setting

an airy table runner, an evergreen one and gilded candle holders and gold rim glasses

an airy table runner with pine branches, pinecones and candles

a winter tablescape with a fresh greenery runner, candles and faux fur benches

a blush sequined tablecloth, a greenery table runner will be a nice idea for a winter bridal shower

a cute tablescape with pink napkins, blooms, berries and black chargers

Stations And Bars

Proper bars and stations are necessary for each bridal shower, and as you are organizing a winter or Christmas bridal shower, you’ll need not only a dessert station but also a hot cocoa bar. Make your hot chocolate bar cozier with plaid touches, fir branches, wood slices and vintage copper mugs and lots of candies and yummies that you like to have with hot chocolate. I strongly recommend to place another tank, with hot cider for those who feel like something stronger. Make your cool hot cocoa bar inviting and welcoming, so that all your friends felt that Christmas/winter ambience, and organize an amazing winter-inspired dessert bar with cookies, candy canes, gingerbread and other yummies that you like.

hot chocolate station with various kinds of candies and yummies

plaid thermoses are used as vases for antlers, evergreens and berries, plaid ribbons and plaid add winter charm

rock copper mugs and wood slice coaters for your hot cocoa station to give it a cute rustic look

sometimes all you need is plaid thermoses, copper mugs and some banners for a cool winter bar

a cozy hot cocoa bar with snowy trees, wood slices, tin mugs and a cute sign over it

a cute holiday dessert bar decorated with Christmas ornaments and a crochet tablecloth

a hot chocolate bar with cookies, meringues, various candies and plaid touches

a hot chocolate bar is decorated with copper tanks and a chalkboard sign for a cozy winter look

a gorgeous hot chocolate bar with an evergreen garland, plaid thermoses, lots of sweets for eating them

a snowy dessert bar with iced branches, pastel Christmas trees and snowflakes

a hot cocoa bar with a vintage dresser, fir branches, plaid touches and lots of various candies


Display your wedding cakes on the dessert table, these can be cute semi-naked cakes with drip and berries – they are extremely popular now. Cinnamon bun cakes are non-traditional option for those who want something more rustic, and there are lots of ideas of bundt cakes – with various types of drip, candied fruit and berries. You can go for a whole assortment of cakes with various Christmas tastes, for example, gingerbread and orange.

a bundt cake with white chocolate dripping, evergreens, pinecones and sugar powder to imitate snow

a chocolate wreath cake with chocolate drip, evergreens and raspberries

a cinnamon bun cake topped with white roses is ideal for a fall or winter bridal shower

a semi naked cake with creamy drip, fresh eucalyptus and geo candies

a white frosted cake with sugared berries is ideal for a winter bridal brunch

a white frosted wedding cake topped with blooms, pinecones and fir branches

an assortment of semi-naked cakes topped with cinnamon bark, berries and pinecones

gingerbread cake with dark chocolate dripping, crushed candy canes, Raffaello candies and glazed cookies on top

poppy seed bundt cake with white chocolate drip, cranberries, evergrenes, cinnamon and candied fruit

rum spiked eggnog cake with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate ganache

28 Winter Bridal Shower Decor Ideas You’ll Love - Weddingomania (2024)


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