31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (2024)

Flower centerpieces can add an amazing decorative touch to achieve your wedding aesthetic goals. However, as anyone who is trying to plan a wedding knows, the options for centerpieces are endless.

Whether you’re looking for a simple country bouquet or an over-the-top display, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite wedding flower centerpieces to help inspire you.

Silk Peonies in a Glass Vase

Bestseller White or Pink Rose Peony Arrangement

The larger 4" square total height: ~10" and Width: ~10". Vase: 4" square.

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For a classic and refined floral arrangement, we love these silk peonies in a glass vase from Etsy. Available in both pink and white, these sweet little flowers come in a modern-style glass vase and will add just the right amount of elegance to your reception.

Boho Dusty Rose Bouquet

Floral Arrangement

Dusty Rose Floral Arrangement - always a great idea to refresh your own home or make a unique present for your family or friends.

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Everyone appreciates a boho-inspired wedding aesthetic, from the flowy bridal gowns to the soft romantic decor. No boho-styled wedding is complete without some beautiful wildflowers, like this dreamy dusty rose bouquet.

Sola Wood Flower Arrangement

Natural Dusty Rose Artificial Flowers Combo

This is a combo pack of different type of flowers and different colors as a theme.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (3)

For a fun twist on faux flower arrangements, check out this rustic flower arrangement in a box. The charming pink flowers combined with the handcrafted style make a great addition to a farmhouse, barn, or garden wedding.

Palm Spear and Pampas Grass Dried Bouquet

Palm Spear Dried Flowers Bunch

Beautiful, natural bouquets filled with pampas grass, bleached flowers and leaves, field grasses, neutral and gold color palm spears.

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If you aren’t already a devoted fan of dried bouquets yet, this Palm Spear and Pampas Grass dried bouquet may change your mind. With subtle neutral shades and a variety of textures, it’s original and unique, not to mention absolutely gorgeous. Not only will these look lovely on your wedding day, but the longevity of dried flowers will make them a beloved keepsake for years to come.

Orange and Peach Bouquet

Teal Orange and Peach Wedding Bouquet

Sola wood flower wedding bouquet with natural sola wood ivory/off white, teal, orange and peach flowers.

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Another great option for an autumn wedding is this orange and peach bouquet. The warm and sunny bouquet comes with large, cheerful flowers in bright colors that will add light to the overall look and feel of your theme.

Purple Wildflower Farmhouse-Style Bouquet

Silk Flower Arrangement

Country Farmhouse Inspired in this beautiful table centrepiece which will look amazing in so many places in in your home or business.

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If anyone out there has a secretAnne of Green Gable’swedding fantasy, this purple wildflower farmhouse-style bouquet might be perfect for you. These purple wildflowers are romantic and creative and are a great original take on the farmhouse wedding.

Pink and Purple Dried Flowers

Dried Flower Bouquet

Beautiful, home-grown, dried flower bouquet.

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If you’re still not convinced that dried flowers are a great choice, think again! Not only do they look amazing, but they also combine the authenticity of real flowers with the durability and ease of faux flower arrangements. This brightly-hued pink and purple bouquet comes tied off with burlap and ribbon, making it a fun and creative decor option.

Dried Peonies and Lavender

Vintage Artificial Peony Silk Flowers

Each bouquet have 13 stems, with 6 flowers and 2 buds, flower diameter approx 3.5''H x 2''W, total length approx 20.87''.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (8)

This dried peony and lavender floral arrangement create the perfect balance between bold and feminine, especially with the oversized peonies alongside the delicate lavender and baby’s breath.

Dried Pampas Grass and Hydrangea

Dried Pampas Grass

The arrangement includes naturally dried pampas grass white and brown, palm leave, bunny tail grass pink, white, lilac, preserved hydrangea and pink limonium.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (9)

You can’t help but fall in love with the simple elegance of this neutral-tone dried pampas grass and hydrangea floral arrangement. The variety of dried flowers creates fantastic textures in this bouquet, and the vase adds a trendy and contemporary look and feel.

Elongated Farmhouse Centerpiece

Distressed Wood Flower Box w/ Bright Spring Flowers

Beautiful centerpiece for table, mantle decor, foyer, etc.

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This elongated farmhouse centerpiece includes roses, peonies, and ranunculus, all surrounded by eucalyptus in a handmade wooden box with a whitewash stain. Ideal for rustic, outdoor, or barn-style weddings, this arrangement definitely makes a statement.

Winter Floral Display in White

Long Winter Floral Centerpiece

This show stopper will look amazing on your island, dining table, mantel, coffee table.

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With a monochromatic palette and gold accents like something out of GOT, this winter floral display will feel dramatic and glamorous at your wedding table. For some added winter flair, the arrangement is flocked with fake snow here and there.

Cheerful Yellow Candle and Floral Arrangement

Cheerful Candle and Floral Centerpiece

This centerpiece was designed with seasonal greenery, daisies and yellow ranunculus, nestled in a nice dark wooden box.

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Take care of your lighting and floral needs with a single charming centerpiece. This cheerful yellow floral arrangementincludes a two-wick candle nestled inside.

Faux Orchids in a Teak Pot

Floral Arrangements

This Real Touch Phalaenopsis Orchid plant, in a Teak painted ceramic vessel, is the perfect luxury botanical statement for your home, business, hotel lobby or restaurant.

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Make a striking statement with this orchid arrangement in a beautiful teak pot. Simple, elegant, and understated, it adds an air of sophistication, without being too OTT.

Rose Flower Balls

Pack of 2 Artificial Flower Bouquets

This set contains 2 realistic looking bouquets for home decor, office decoration or Valentine's Day.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (14)

Available in a variety of colors, these affordable faux rose flower balls are perfect for matching your wedding’s color scheme and adding splashes of happiness in and around the ceremony and reception areas. Better yet, hang them from branches or on the backs of chairs for a more dramatic look.

Orange Autumnal Bouquet

Bouquet Fall Rose Flowers Centerpieces

These Orange Flowers will bring you the feel of the warm world to your home!

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (15)

This orange floral arrangement will bring some warmth and cheer to your wedding decor and comes in an adorable white ceramic pumpkin vase.

Sunflower Bouquet

Benchmark Bouquets Flowering Fields

The finest handpicked field-grown flowers are what make up our popular Flowering Fields bouquet - bold sunflowers framed by some of the most unique colors and textures.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (16)

This wildflower bouquet, featuring either sunflowers or daisies depending on the season, brings a bright splash of color to your wedding day. In addition, the flowers are picked in bud form to ensure that they are fresh on your big day.

Silk Peony Bouquet in Ceramic Vase

Queen Bee Silk Peony Bouquet

(14" Arrangement) 1 Ceramic Vase including Artificial Peony Heads with hydrangeas and baby breath. Looking full of flowers.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (17)

For a centerpiece that provides simplicity and beauty with a hint of tradition, you can’t go wrong with this silk peony and hydrangea arrangement. At the end of the night, your guests will be battling it out to take home these gorgeous bouquets.

Mini Peony Centerpiece

Mixed Mini Peony Centerpiece Silk Flower Arrangement

A colorful addition to any room, this dazzling peony arrangement will have you dreaming of a sunny spring day no matter what the season.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (18)

Who doesn’t want a magical, fairy-like wedding? This mini peony arrangement is colorful and romantic and will definitely add an extra bit of magic to your special day.

Rose and Eucalyptus Artificial Bouquet

Artificial Flowers with Small Ceramic Vase

The branches of the bouquet are capable of adjusting the bending angle freely.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (19)

This rose and eucalyptus faux flower bouquet will make your reception tables feel fresh and crisp with the light green eucalyptus leaves but will also provide a splash of color with the pretty pink roses.

Purple Peonies and Hydrangeas

Artificial Peony Silk Flowers

The peony bouquets are made of high-quality silk cloth with a delicate and beautiful appearance.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (20)

This stunning purple floral arrangement will add romance and class to your wedding decor. In addition, the different types of flowers included in the bouquet brings in a surprising eclectic twist on what is considered a classic floral centerpiece.

Dark Blue Rose Arrangement

Artificial Rose Bouquets with Ceramic vase

A pack of 4 roses (a bouquet of roses has 6 branches, 12 flowers, a total of 48 roses) and a fine ceramic vase.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (21)

For a truly unique and stunning floral decor choice, look no further than this blue and white rose bouquet. This centerpiece creates a pop of color at the table that is delightfully playful without being cheesy or cheap-looking.

Peonies and Hydrangeas in White Vase

Peonies and Hydrangeas in White Vase

The peony flower with ceramic vase set about 20cm height and 15cm width, each set has silk soft hydrangea, peonies, carnations, plastic grass and bushy leaves that will be vivid-looking after simple arrangement.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (22)

We love these small floral arrangements as an option for a centerpiece that won’t overwhelm the table. Sweet and simple, these classy faux peony and hydrangea arrangements come in a range of colors to match your decor style.

Classic Rose Bouquet

Fake Flowers in Vase Ceramics

Pack of 3 artificial rose bouquets ,1 silver dollar eucalyptus and 1 ceramics vase.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (23)

You can never go wrong with roses. Elegant and classic, this set of artificial roses comes in over 15 different colors, making them a great choice if you have a particular color palette or decor style in mind.

All Sided Tropical Centerpiece

Gorgeous All Sided Tropical Centerpiece

This tropical Arrangements by certified floral designer Ms. Tomoko Tyler.

Check Price on Etsy

For anyone planning a destination wedding somewhere tropical, you’ll need to take a look at this bird of paradise and orchid floral arrangement. The bright colors and unique shapes will make this centerpiece stand out and help make your destination wedding a beautiful and special event.

Orchids with Floating Candles

Orchids Floral Wedding Centerpiece

Beautifully designed faux floral arrangement to compliment your home, office, baby shower, or wedding! These easy to set up centerpieces will add the pop of color to any event.

Check Price on Etsy

For an elegant and original centerpiece idea, this submerged orchid with a floating candle arrangement may be exactly what you’re after! As a bonus, these orchids aren’t only beautiful to look at, they’re also artificial, making them the perfect low-maintenance decor option.

Floral Boho Hoop Wreath

Gold Geometric Hoop Centerpiece

Hoop centerpieces make a lovely addition to your bridal party and guest tables!

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Think geometrically with your decor and get this golden floral hoop wreath as a centerpiece. The golden hoop and burgundy flowers are lovely, and you will surprise and delight your guests with this creative twist on the classic floral centerpiece.

Eucalyptus and Rose Wreath

Eucalyptus Wreath

This garland measures about 4” in width. The wreath will measures about 8-9” on the inner circle and about 14-15” on the outer circle

Check Price on Etsy

Another great option for a floral centerpiece is an elegant wreath to frame a candle or table number card. This style of the wreath is easy to mix and match with other decor elements and can make the table arrangement more functional from an event planning perspective.

Colorful Dried Floral Bouquet

Fall Dried Flower Arrangement

This is the beauty of unique, handmade products. The color may vary from one to another screen.

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With these colorful dried floral centerpieces, your wedding guests will feel like they just stepped inside an expressionist painting. On a more practical note, the multicolored arrangements will be easy to match with the rest of your wedding’s color scheme.

Blue Hydrangeas in a White Tin

Spring Faux Succulent Centerpiece

This Rose and succulent centerpiece is the perfect piece for Summer or year round.

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These charming blue hydrangeas in a white tin are a great fit for a garden or country wedding. Their simplicity is complemented by a white tin container that adds a rustic touch to the centerpiece arrangement.

French Country Pink Floral Arrangement

Farmhouse Style Floral Arrangement

This arrangement is made in a gorgeous color palette of blush, light pinks and different shades of greens

Check Price on Etsy

This French country-inspired blush pink floral arrangement would look as good as part of the decor in a barn, outdoors, or at a 5-star hotel! Multiple shades of greens and varying leaf textures help this faux floral arrangement stand out.

Pink Blush Flower Ball

Pink Blush Flower Ball

These beautiful roses have a real feel and look to them.

Check Price on Etsy

This pink rose flower ball is quirky and fun and will add an understated feminine touch to your wedding decor. We especially appreciate the versatility of flower ball arrangements – they can be placed in vases on tables, bunched together, or hung for a more dramatic look.

31 Wedding Flower Centerpieces That Are Simple Yet So Elegant (2024)


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