What to Wear to a Bridal Shower in Winter (2024)


There are no specific rules or boundaries to the outfit for a bridal shower. Here one should make a choice based on the overall aesthetics of an upcoming wedding, mood and local specifics. However, there are some questions about what to wear, if the event is held in the cold season— it will be difficult to solve the problems with just one beautiful dress. We have assembled ideas on what to consider when putting together a winter bridal shower look and given examples of some trendy styles.

Winter Bridal Shower Outfit

As we mentioned above, there are no strict guidelines or traditions for such an event. The bride herself is at the right to set the rules for her whole look. We advise you to base your choice on several factors: the weather on the day of the bridal shower, the location of the event and the format of entertainment. First, it is important to realize that part of the event will be outdoors in one way or another, such as a photo shoot. It is worth preparing an outfit so that you do not freeze at a possible delay, but also be stylish and elegant in the photos. Next, a very important feature is the location of the bridal shower. Should you be indoors most of the time, there is no need to worry. However, event formats can vary. When the theme of your bridal shower is, for example, a winter fairytale, then you should think about warm and beautiful outerwear. In addition to this, it is important to consider the format of your celebration. If you plan on having a cozy dinner with friends, you do not have to worry about the practical value of the outfit for a winter bridal shower. If a more active vacation is planned, it is worth choosing something less dressy and more comfortable.


Is There a Need for a Dress Code?

Again, the power is in your creativity and individuality. If you want to organize a bridal shower with a theme, it is worth thinking about the dress code. However, we advise you not to put too much pressure on your guests — not everyone will be willing to prioritize style over warmth, for example. Choose something in between, where there is room for flexibility and compromise.


Dresses with Long Sleeves for Winter Bridal Shower

The easiest and most reliable option for a winter bridal shower — a long sleeve dress for a bride. Today you can find many variants of such a warm and beautiful closet piece: from mini to maxi. And remember: it does not have to be white or very festive. It can be a basic, casual dress that will elegantly highlight you as the hostess of the event.


Don’t Forget About Layers

When thinking about the outfit for a winter bridal shower that will be held both outdoors and indoors, we advise you to refer to one fashion rule — the more layers, the better. Today, stylists are ready to offer a great number of outfits that combine several types of clothing at once and are very charming and practical. During the event, parts of the outfit can be removed or swapped.


Woolen Sets

Woolen sets are the ultimate trendy attire option for winter bridal showers. Here you can combine them as you wish: it can be a skirt and top, a sweater and leggings, pants and sweater. Whatever will suit your mood the best! A very convenient option, as it can be complemented with trendy jewelry and makeup to be more festive, and later be worn as an everyday outfit option.


Good Old Suit

A classic oversize suit will always be a warm and elegant go-to idea for any event. Complement it with a turtleneck or a trendy thin scarf and your stylish outfit for winter bridal shower is ready.


Total Gray Look

Gray has become the hottest color this season. Warm dresses, cardigans and sweaters in gray are the perfect bridal shower outfit options for cold weather. Try to put together a trendy monochrome outfit and everyone will only look at you.


Pretty Outerwear for a Winter Bridal Shower Outfit

Cropped or very voluminous puffer jackets, long coats, fluffy bombers and fur coats were absolute favorites for many of us last winter. This year, they may come in handy. Try combining a fur coat with large jewelry, for example — warm and very elegant.


What to Wear to a Bridal Shower in Winter (2024)


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